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Ariane City

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This new, master-planned city district and urban environment is already a new standard in suburban lifestyle.

Providing a harmonious mix of residential, hospitality, mixed-use, commercial, retail and recreational spaces in 6 sub-communities, Ariane City is a city within a city.

This multi-phased project creates a richly diverse community for living, working and relaxing – an experience combining the finest architecture, the latest technology, beautifully-curated public spaces and gardens with some of the very best in shopping, dining and leisure.



And what a welcome! The two splendid, iconic towers, herald every arrival. Inspired by Qatar’s famous fort towers, Ariane City’s focal point is an ode to the past, and a shining example for a future where difference is embraced, and traditions respected.

The future home to cosmopolitan residences tailored for global citizens – this is the epitome of an urban lifestyle concept. Ariane City is a remarkable addition to a people and a country on the rise.

What will make Ariane City so unique is its personas. It’s expertly organized residential, retail and entertainment experiences come together in the context of a rounded community life, enabling people and nature to live in seamless conviviality.


  • Total area of 1,236,552 sqm.
  • Located in Mesaimeer minutes away from Doha City Center & Hamad International Airport.
  • 1km long strip of Retail Boulevard and Commercial Street.
  • Array of 2, 3 and 4 star hotels and hotel apartments in Al Kheraiza and Al Selim communities.
  • Total of 4 mosques with 2 larger ones for Friday prayers.
  • Well-equipped hospital and clinics.
  • Primary & secondary school along with kindergartens.
Ariane City